Woodlawn: Race and Recociliation

I took too long to write this post.

I am white. I have always been white. I am highly unqualified to write about racism in America.

But the only thing I have watched or read recently to write about is Woodlawn.

Woodlawn is a movie about racism, football, and the power of the gospel.

What stuck out to me most, though, is the first scene of revival. The first persons to realize how wrong he was was a racist.

Ending racism is not the responsibility of black people. It should start with us. We created a nation where it is easier to be white than it is to be black, and we created a nation where we pretend that racists don’t exist. Black people do not have that luxury. We should not either.

Confront racism, in yourself and in others. Reconciliation starts with repentance.