With Great Power

What if Superman was evil?

And Spiderman?

What if, instead of the beautifully, brokenly human superhumans we watch on the silver screen, we lived in a world where supermen were real, and powerful, and utterly selfish?

What would you do in a world like that?

That is the question that Brandon Sanderson explores in his Steelheart Trilogy. The main character, David Charleston, accepts–and rejects–many possible answers to this question. Alongside him, an entire cast of characters grapples with it. Some–the Faithful–have hope that one day true heroes will arise, with powers used to protect and defend. Some–the Reckoners–take on the responsibility of destroying those superhumans who step too far across the line. Some believe that the superhumans are punishments for the wickedness of men. Some believe that they are simply an example of what anyone would do given enough power.

And some look for a way to fix this broken world.

Overall, I highly recommend the series, expecially if–like me–you enjoy pondering both the scientific basis for potential superpowers and the philosophical and ethical dilemmas they present.


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