On The Planet Earth

Life and death and love and birth,
And peace and war on the planet Earth.
Is there anything that’s worth more
than peace and love on the planet Earth.
 —Steven Universe
Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to deal with all of the random crazy stuff going on in our world, and it feels like there is no point in even trying because we are all going to get crushed by it anyway.
When I feel that way, I watch Steven Universe.

Part Star Wars, part coming of age, part hearts and flowers, and part apocalyptic scifi, Steven Universe filled a hole in my life that I didn’t quite realize was there. I frequently mention my desire for a ‘fluffy’ tv show, by which I mean something I can watch that will allay the nightmares and not add to them. This desire is complicated by my distaste for anything that pretends the world is not a generally unpleasant place. (I may or may not be a complete pessimist 95% of the time.)

Onto the scene comes Steven Universe: the world may be in danger, but there is still beauty and life and love. There’s still ukelele playing, and best friends, and cheeseburger backpacks.

There’s still things worth fighting for.

The ten minute episodes manage to remind me that there are still things worth getting out of bed for, without having to sit and wait 5 hours for Sam Gamgee to become a hero. On top of that, the overarching story arcs keep my interest. The music helps too.

The characters have and gain depth–almost anyone who comes into contact with the titular character has their own story, their own problems, their own flaws and desires and longings. There is someone for everyone to connect with–someone on this show has your problem. Has my problems. And they don’t get miraculous cures–but they still live fulfilling lives.

I highly recommend you watch this show. It makes me want to be a better person.


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