Fight with me. If you die, die for something that’s yours.

This movie is DEFINITELY worth your time if: 

  • you saw Snow White and the Huntsman and thought “Gee, I wonder what Eric’s backstory is”
  • you have an abiding love for good costuming and beautiful visuals
  • you wanted Frozen to be grimdark
  • you watch fantasy movies and ever ask yourself “where are all the people of color?” (And not the faux-India ‘exotic’ characters)

    It is sad that this is sufficient to get me excited. Step it up, Hollywood.
    Look! A Black Character! In a Fantasy Movie! With Lines! Who actually Affects The Plot!
  • you like Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, and Charlize Theron
  • You liked the Princess Bride.
  • Lady Dwarves.

If you watched the trailers, you probably expected something totally different. Rest assured, you do not need to have seen Snow White and the Huntsman to enjoy this movie.

In spite of the title, this movie is far more about the women in Eric’s life (Ravenna, Freya, and Sara) than it is about him.

Although they ALL have beautiful costumes.
Three women. One man.

In fact, if I had seen this movie without ever seeing the title, I would almost definitely give equal billing to Freya and Eric.

Why should you NOT see this movie?

  • You saw Snow White and the Huntsman and thought “this is the worst fantasy world ever”
  • you have no soul and don’t care about beautiful costumes
  • you thought Frozen would be improved if there were more men
  • Your gut reaction to black people in fantasy is to say “But Historical Accuracy! There were no Black People in Europe!

    He's also unimpressed by your lack of golden sword.
    This guy is unimpressed with your argument.
  • You don’t care about Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, or Charlize Theron.
  • You fall asleep during the Princess Bride.
  • Male Dwarves.



One thought on “Winter’s War: Trailers are a Lie

  1. I fall asleep during the Princess Bride, but I loved this movie. Also, you should see this movie if you believe love can overcome evil.


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