Science AND Fiction

Often literature and the arts are posited as in opposition to more technical disciplines, such as science, math, and technology. However, opposition amongst disciplines almost always leads to loss of knowledge and beauty. The wedding of science and literature–science fiction–has been used to great effect over the past century, in such stories as Frank Herbert’s Dune series (which also welds political theory), Kurt Vonnegut’s novels, Isaac Asimov’s brilliant Foundation series, and countless others.

Christians have written very little good science fiction, mostly because we often espouse a sharp divide between imagination and reality. In practice, though, we should be of those who are best at wedding the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious. What little has been written is not very good–because the Christians who write and the Christians who understand science, math, and technology are of two different sets.

Christians who write must lose their fear of science, and Christians who love science must stop clinging to pragmatism.

The 21st century is ready for good Christian science fiction. Not “science fiction” that sits on the Christian shelf, but well-written sci-fi by Christians.


One thought on “Science AND Fiction

  1. I would agree that much Christian fiction of any genre is lacking in quality, but let’s not forget some of the best Christian Sci-Fi: CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy. I would welcome more good Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I do agree with your underlying premise that a Christian cannot separate all of the disciplines and maintain a balanced view. God is creative and orderly, and there is a place for both in our approach to anything.


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